About ReStore

Throughout both Canada and the U.S., Habitat for Humanity affiliates have begun opening ReStores to support the work that Habitat does in the community. ReStore is a trademarked name by Habitat International. Habitat collects donations of household goods, hardware and building materials and re-sells them at a very reduced price. The items are gently used or in many cases can be brand new donated from overstocked stores or businesses closing their doors. We are proud to be able to say that every single penny from the sale of these items will go directly into one of our projects. The reason that we can say that with such confidence, is that Habitat Bermuda is an all-volunteer organization with no paid staff.

We have virtually no overhead because of the generosity of the building owners and all of our sales and merchandising staff will be volunteers. This is especially important because as many people know, we are well into our biggest project to date: 

“THE TRANSFORMATIONAL LIVING CENTRE FOR FAMILIES” which involves a significant renovation of the old Pembroke Rest Home on Parson’s Road. This is a project that we are working on in collaboration with the Women’s Resource Centre.

Down the road, once the families move into the centre, the ReStore operations will provide opportunities for work and related skill development for the residents as well as an ongoing source of financial support for the facility itself. We are committed to self sufficiency, especially now that government is under increased pressure to assist struggling businesses and even charities. 

Our official opening will be on Friday, June 12th , but private viewings can be facilitated before then by email at sheelaghcooper11@gmail.com.

Additionally, we welcome donations of slightly used furniture, beds, cabinets, objects of art, and once our larger location is announced, we will be welcoming large appliances, doors, windows, building supplies and hardware. We would especially like to thank Sherry Wakefield and family, the Bluck family and the Rego Sothebys International for their generosity in allowing us to launch the high-end part of the ReStore in the former Bluck’s location.
This location is specializing in very beautiful items and even some antique pieces that have been donated along with beds, bedding and china.

We expect to announce in the near future our larger location that will feature appliances, windows, doors, building materials.

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